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MxCrest - Roofing & Walling Profile MxCrest1000 is a profile with muscles. The crest of MxCrest1000 is large, i.e 35mm and it also has 2 parallel mini ribs between the main crest which makes MxCrest1000 much stronger and this translates into long spanning capabilities. MxCrest1000 can be used as roofing as well as walling applications for various industry segment like factories, warehouse, infrastructure project etc. MxCrest1000 made of high strength steel and despite its lightness has remarkable recovery after deformation. MxCrest1000 profile has been widely accepted as it serves two most important purposes, strength & aesthetics and hence it becomes architects first choice. MxCrest1000 profile can be factory cranked, curved and bull nosed to a wide range of radii to suit architectural requirements. MxCrest1000 side lap design makes it completely watertight (Ref fig. - 03). The unique feature of anti-capillary groove at side laps makes it totally weather proof. Any moisture drawn in by capillary action is trapped and dispersed by normal run - off. For more info visit us at
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