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MAXROOF is having an
MAXROOF is having an innovative Structural steel Decking profile, Known as 'MxDeck54' which is an ultimate lightweight System for all Multirise Modern and Industrial designed Buildings. MxDeck is a profile which helps to reduce the costs due to its Structural Designed system. 'MAXROOF has multiple offers with Internal Polished look which avails variety of colors, due to which there is no need for plastering of Roofs' . BENEFITS of having a profile like MxDeck54 are as follows: 1.Lightweight: Concrete Floor Weight reduces by almost 50 %. 2.Economical: Doesn't require additional support, reduces use of concrete, reduces slab thickness, savings in reinforcement. 3.Time saving: Easy and rapid installation to major reinforcement required. 4.Material and sectional properties impart additional strength to finished concrete slab during service period. 5.practically Propless, giving space for parallel activities & Simultaneous casting of multiple floor possible. 6.Multipurpose: Widely used in Multistory Buildings, Malls, Markets, Storages facilities mezzanines, Bridges, Walkways, Platforms, Warehouses, Industrial Sheds, Control Rooms. If You Worrying about Economy then MAXROOF is there to fulfil your Requirement to overcome your Imagine with Budgetary. Note : Here is an image which shows how Decking system helps us to reduce the Costing. 'We have what you are looking for. Really! For completing your Imaginary Metal Construction - Please Visit @ : Email: / Contact: 8408880099 / 8411960014 For more info visit us at
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